Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stake Dance

Wow. This weekend, Mike and I had a blast to our pasts. We got asked to chaperone the Youth Stake Dance at church (Mike is in the Young Men's so he is kind of obligated!) I thought, hmm, how bad could it be, get some free cookies, top 40's, actually get to dance with my husband, and maybe pull a few kids off of each other...well was I wrong! They actually had little assignments for each of us - they are WAY stricter now then they were when I used to go to dances! There were about 8 couples plus a few others who were chapperoning, they had a map of the building and we all had little patrol rotations every 15 minutes. We were very busy all night as we had to partol the parking lot, hallways, classrooms, and gym.
It was more work than we thought, but pretty fun to see these kids in their Halloween costumes mustering up the courage to ask each other to dance. Ahh to be 14 again! (Just kidding - it wasn't THAT fun!)
I think Mike and I danced for half a song. The night was fairly uneventful (more funny than anything, watching the kids do the 2 Deacon shuffle was great!) We did have a little incident where some kids got a little crazy moshing and had to be broken up.
I think Mike and I are getting old or something! The dance ended at 11, but we had to wait until all the teens dispursed and made sure they all had rides. We were tired and just sacked out when we got home! Pathetic, I know!


Jenni said...

Crazy! I had no idea they patrolled dances like that. I suppose it is a good thing though.

How the heck are you two? What are you doing for Halloween, anything fun? We are just going to our ward's thingie. :)

We miss you guys!

Sethington said...

Wow, times have changed! I wonder if kids have been caught doing something. Our dances were pretty lax.

Bri said...

I know! You would think with dances being at the church and all... I think it is mostly precautionary, but better safe than sorry!