Monday, March 14, 2011

mm'k, so I may just be the world's worst blogger...

But maybe I can appease you with some pictures of this cute little guy??

Wow, I love looking at other people's blogs but for some reason never find the time to update our blog. Mike has actually been bugging me to update it for a while now, but for some reason he couldn't be bothered to update it himself! I also find it very interesting that HE was the one who created this blog, but NEVER writes in it! Oh well!
Obviously we have been busy with the new addition of our little Drew Bug since August (has it really been that long?!) and have just been enjoying life! Drew just turned 7 months on Friday and I can't believe how much he's growing! As of Friday, he now has 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on bottom. His disposition is to just be happy and smiley! He is such a great baby, we are so blessed and we just have fun with him all the time. He loves to play with his toys, especially anything that makes music. He loves to jabber and growl. Yes, growl. He loves his jumper and is really starting to get some height in that thing due to building muscles in his legs. It's so cute he hangs on to this toy like a handlebar and just goes at it! I will have to get a video of that one!
He is eating solids like a pro (started that right around 5 months) and he just gets so excited when it is time to eat. Just like Daddy. :)
He sits up like a champ and has started trying to get places but isn't quite crawling yet. (Thank goodness, so NOT ready for that milestone!)
He loves to watch older kids play and thinks they're hilarious, he is always giggling at whatever they're doing. He is still really friendly towards others, not shy at all. Just yesterday at church he was flirting and smiling and talking to everyone sitting behind us.
He also really loves his bath time. He will sit and the tub and play with his toys and bubbles, and splash to his little heart's content.
**Warning: Major photo post!** Enjoy!
P.S. these are seriously out of order!
Getting warm and dry after a bath

Daddy and Drew rooting on the Seahawks in the playoffs

"Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump Around!"

Waiting for New Years!

Drew & Grandma Ethington at Christmas time

One Happy Family

Snuggling with his ginormous pillow pet that Grammy got him

Just want eat those little sweet cheeks up!

"Why, yes I CAN shove my whole fist in my mouth!"

Drew taste-testing his Christmas toys!

All tuckered out from opening presents

Drew's first visit with Santa

Our first Christmas!

Drew's first Thanksgiving

Drew and Daddy ready to go to church

First Halloween, Drew was a hotdog, Mommy was Ketchup, and Daddy was Mustard

A visit to the pumpkin patch


Drew liked the Pumpkins

"Happy New Year!"
(Don't worry we celebrated on a different time zone to get the nugget to bed at a decent hour!)

Gettin' his splash on

Lots of bubbles! Mommy likes to play in them too!

More Bubbles!

I also like to eat my feet!
Play time

I am THIS big!

Meeting Uncle Harry for the first time, I get to know everyone by tasting of course!

Too Cool

Um, I don't like peas, thank you very much.

I like hats too!

Watching Daddy carve our pumpkin (which incidentally is much bigger than I am)

One of my first attempts to lift myself up

What a ham!

He is just too much fun!