Monday, July 28, 2008

Memorial weekend trip to Hood Canal

Sunny day on the beach

Our loot!

Mike with a shovel (as usual)

Back at camp

"Ooh! I found one!"

For Memorial weekend we camped at Belfair State Park on the hood canal. We had a fun time just hanging out, riding our bikes and digging clams. It was fun just being on the ocean and seeing all the wildlife and enjoying the awesome weather.

This is our a nutshell!

We have finally started our own blog! It will be good for us to finally sit down and keep information of our family documented. We like to think of it as our new (um, only?) family journal.

We have been very busy with work, church callings, and just life in general, but we knew it was now or never to start this, so we chose now!

We actually have been able to do a lot this summer and have had a great time.

I will be posting lots of pictures and updating you on our little adventures very soon!

Stay tuned!


Bri & Mike