Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chris and Lindsay come to visit

So back before Thanksgiving, Chris and Lindsay were able to come over to Washington for a visit. We excited to see them and of course get to see our little nephew Parker who we had not yet met. He is very cute and I think he looks just like his mom!

He was a happy little guy!

See the resemblance? (actually, I think Parker looks a little freaked out!)

I got to hold him quite a bit and get to know him for a couple of days, he's such a good baby. It made him very easy to love!

Awww, poor little neglected blog...

I know, I know, I (actually, WE, this is supposed to be MIKE and my blog, however I seem to do more of the actual blogging, hmm, fancy that! Sorry, bitter diatribe, I will get back to the actual post now.) have long since posted on our beloved family blog. I haven't quite recovered from all of the crazy-going-ons that have taken place over the last few months.
However, I am making a promise to myself to try and post at least one new post a week to try and play catch up with all of the things that have done since....hmm, Thanksgiving! Wow, that does make me sound pathetic.

I really do enjoy writing about the things that we do and I have found that I remember more in the future when I can write at least a little about it and try and collect those thoughts in some form.
So, here goes post one!