Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and A-Maze-ing Corn!

Mike and I visited the corn maze and Pumpkin patch in kent on Saturday. We had so much fun, despite being quite crowded (it IS the last Saturday before Halloween!) the mazes were a lot of fun. We took turns finding the little stations as you guide yourself through the mazes. Then we picked out a huge pumpkin to carve and some yummy sugar pumpkins for pie!
There were adorable little kids everywhere getting their pictures taken in their Halloween constumes, we saw a little lion, dragon, and puppy! Too cute!

"The Corn is as high as an Elephant's Eye!"

Will we ever get out of here!?

We Made it! Yea!

So many choices, so little time!

Found the perfect one!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stake Dance

Wow. This weekend, Mike and I had a blast to our pasts. We got asked to chaperone the Youth Stake Dance at church (Mike is in the Young Men's so he is kind of obligated!) I thought, hmm, how bad could it be, get some free cookies, top 40's, actually get to dance with my husband, and maybe pull a few kids off of each other...well was I wrong! They actually had little assignments for each of us - they are WAY stricter now then they were when I used to go to dances! There were about 8 couples plus a few others who were chapperoning, they had a map of the building and we all had little patrol rotations every 15 minutes. We were very busy all night as we had to partol the parking lot, hallways, classrooms, and gym.
It was more work than we thought, but pretty fun to see these kids in their Halloween costumes mustering up the courage to ask each other to dance. Ahh to be 14 again! (Just kidding - it wasn't THAT fun!)
I think Mike and I danced for half a song. The night was fairly uneventful (more funny than anything, watching the kids do the 2 Deacon shuffle was great!) We did have a little incident where some kids got a little crazy moshing and had to be broken up.
I think Mike and I are getting old or something! The dance ended at 11, but we had to wait until all the teens dispursed and made sure they all had rides. We were tired and just sacked out when we got home! Pathetic, I know!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cooper loves Thomas!


Cooper trying to squish me out of the shot!

I love my little brother Cooper. Even though he is the baby and oftentimes gets away with a lot more than I think I ever did, he is a lot of fun.

Last weekend Mike had a scouting trip to Othello for a shotgun shooting merrit badge so I decided to visit the fam in Moses Lake. It would be nice to spend a little time with my Mom alone and to see Coop.

On Saturday, Cooper and I got a little quality time together as he wanted to go with my to pick up Mike in Vantage. And I thought he loved ME! He was so excited to go see "Mikey" he was willing to go for a drive (it's about 30 minutes 1 way!) So we packed up his portable DVD player loaded with Thomas the Train, his all time fav, grabbed a Happy Meal on our way out of town and hit the road. It was fun talking with Cooper, I swear he says the funniest things. Plus he now thought I am the coolest sister ever (thank you Happy Meal!).

However, once we got to the pickup place, Mike was nowhere to be found. They hadn't left when they were suppossed to. But Cooper was very good, he just played a chatted and watched his movie. It was so cute, he is now singing in front of people (it usually embarrasses him) and sang along to his Thomas movie, which I have recorded for your viewing pleasure (you're welcome Mom!) I love that he just makes up his own words until he knows the actual words :)

(Sorry the video is kind of grainy, this was from my cell phone!)

Baker Family Reunion

Ok, so I have definately been slacking on my blog! I realized I still haven't posted on some more things that we did this summer! We were pretty busy, but had a great time jumping from place to place and getting to spend lots of time together and with family and friends.

In the middle of August (I told you I am slacking...what is it, October now!?!), we met up with the Baker clan for some fun on Good Ol' Moses Lake. It has been a really long time since everyone has been together at the same time and it was great to see everyone. However we were missing Christopher who is still on his mission, but at the same time we were plus one as Ashley had her boyfriend Kyle with her.

We had a barbeque, boated, went tubing and wakeboarding and just had a good time!

Here are some pics from that day...

Kyle, Ashley's boyfriend getting some air over the wake

Kelly, making sure nobody does anything stupid on his watch!

Mike and I chillin in the boat (it was nice and warm, perfect for boating) and yes, I did get burnt

We finally convinced Cooper to try a ride in the Tube for the first time! see the video below...

Our crazy Baker family, plus Kyle

Cooper's 1st Tube ride!