Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cooper loves Thomas!


Cooper trying to squish me out of the shot!

I love my little brother Cooper. Even though he is the baby and oftentimes gets away with a lot more than I think I ever did, he is a lot of fun.

Last weekend Mike had a scouting trip to Othello for a shotgun shooting merrit badge so I decided to visit the fam in Moses Lake. It would be nice to spend a little time with my Mom alone and to see Coop.

On Saturday, Cooper and I got a little quality time together as he wanted to go with my to pick up Mike in Vantage. And I thought he loved ME! He was so excited to go see "Mikey" he was willing to go for a drive (it's about 30 minutes 1 way!) So we packed up his portable DVD player loaded with Thomas the Train, his all time fav, grabbed a Happy Meal on our way out of town and hit the road. It was fun talking with Cooper, I swear he says the funniest things. Plus he now thought I am the coolest sister ever (thank you Happy Meal!).

However, once we got to the pickup place, Mike was nowhere to be found. They hadn't left when they were suppossed to. But Cooper was very good, he just played a chatted and watched his movie. It was so cute, he is now singing in front of people (it usually embarrasses him) and sang along to his Thomas movie, which I have recorded for your viewing pleasure (you're welcome Mom!) I love that he just makes up his own words until he knows the actual words :)

(Sorry the video is kind of grainy, this was from my cell phone!)

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