Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drew's Crib...literally

One of my favorite ways that I prepared for Drew's birth, ie. "nesting," was in planning and decorating the nursery. I didn't want the typical baby blue or cars nursery. I wanted something that would be bright and cheery and a little unique. I knew that I wanted to use the colors green, orange and blue but thought I would have to end up making the crib bedding to get the look that I wanted (nothing too themey, if that's a word). Then I just happened to find the most adorable crib bedding with all the colors I loved one day! It was meant to be! Intricate details on the bumper and quilt, with just a few cute little grasshoppers sprinkled here and there. It looks so cute in his crib!
From there I found a lovely spring green color to paint on the walls. I also found a really neat piece of art from TJMaxx that perfectly matches his crib set. I found a really neat vintage dresser on craigslist. For a moment I contemplated painting it white or a fun color, but ultimately decided against it as it looks so great with his crib.
In the pic below, you can see a truer version of the actual wall color. It didn't show up as well in the other pictures. And that is moi posing for my 40 week prego pic in all my glorious hugeness.
I found some cute shelves to paint white at a garage sale and stacked books and an adorable owl piggy bank that got a makeover with some spray paint (another garage sale find!) His cute little cardigan that is displayed on the wall was made lovingly for him by his Great-Grammy. She is so talented and is super cute so of course I couldn't bear to hide it away in a closet, thus it's placement on the wall.
The mobile above his changing pad was a fun little project I took on. It was pretty simple and although I borrowed the idea from a couple of websites, I loved creating something for my little man. It took a ton of ribbon, an embroidery hoop, some pom poms, and some grasshopper clips from his crib set. A few hot glue burns later, and voila! A sweet mobile that he already loves!
This is the view of his room from the door. The rocking chair got a fresh coat of paint and with lots of help from Great-Grammy once again, we recovered the chair with some cute fabric.


Reese said...

Love this! I'm with you...not too themey...which is soooo definitely a word! It's beautiful and I'm sure you've loved rocking your sweetie pie in that room!

Jenni said...

Your nursery is adorable and so creative and original. I really love your drapes especially. Those will really come in handy for naptimes when you need the room darker.

Stacey said...

I love this room. We are just now getting to decorating Charlie's room. I'm with you on not being too themey. Yeah for cute little boy stuff.

Katie said...

Love the fun mobile!

The Jones Family said...

What a darling nursery!