Sunday, July 18, 2010

Countdown until Baby Ethington arrives!

Well seeing as I only have 19 days until my duedate (Aug 6th) things have been super busy around the Ethington Casa. I think Mike has caught onto my nesty feelings just a little bit as we make the final push to try and get things ready before little guy gets here.

I haven't really been into the whole belly pic thing, even though people have been asking me to post them. There is something about posting my hugeness on the net that just doesn't appeal to me. I do have this pic though from my birthday when I was 32 1/2 weeks (June 7th) and I may take one when I hit 40, just so I can say, "Yeah, I was huge."

I have also hit the "I am always uncomfortable stage" in pregnancy. My feet all the way to my knees are really swollen and Mike and I entertain ourselves by making shapes and indentations in my legs because of how much water I am retaining. I did also finally have to take of my wedding ring as my poor little fingers did not escape the whole retaining water thing, I made it to 36 weeks though which I think is pretty good! Little guy makes sure that I always remember that he is in there as he is kicking me all night and all day long. He is very feisty and does not like anything on my tummy, he will try to punch and kick it out of his personal space. I have also been experiencing lots of hip and lower back pains from the relaxin that my body is producing to get me ready for labor. I have also been really hot with the long awaited arrival of Summer in Seattle. It just gets more humid here! We went out and purchased a little AC unit for our bedroom and a wading pool for the back yard. I LOVE my kiddie pool! It is so the best way to cool down on a hot day, that and a lemonade Popsicle, yum!
I feel pretty bad for Mike as he has had to endure through my crazy prego mood swings. Sometimes I can even hear what I am saying and freaking out about to be completely absurd, but can't seem to stop myself! I know Mike is thinking to himself, "Holy Cow! Who is this woman and what has she done with my wife!?" I know he loves me though because he has put up with me through all my psychotic breaks and mood swings. Even if I do see him give the "I think you're crazy" look. For what it's worth, thanks for sticking with me babe! :)
We spent yesterday doing many projects around the house as we know we won't have the time nor the energy once our little guys gets here. Plus I would so much rather spend any free time playing and cuddling with our little man! We spent some time getting his nursery ready and once I get the pictures hung on the wall I will try and post some pics, it has been one of my favorite projects around here getting his room ready, it has become my favorite room in the house!
I had my 36 week ultrasound last week, and he is doing well. He is head down, (and the ultrasound tech even said he's got some hair on that head, which is great, since I was one bald baby!) and they are estimating him to be about 6 lbs. 5 oz right now which is 58th percentile, hopefully they are right, and he will just be average sized when he does come. He is really healthy and all of his organs look great. We are so excited for our little man to arrive and can't wait to become parents!


Marianne said...

Brian and I were just talking about you yesterday and how you were due so soon. I'm glad everything is going well and that the little man is healthy. Good luck surviving the last few weeks.

Jenni said...

So good to read this post! I've been wondering how you have been doing. I don't enjoy the belly shots either, and this time around I have only been taking them from the neck down. LOL I feel like my face has exploded into hugeness so I don't like to post it. Haha. You look great though and your outfit is adorable.

We should get together and lay around and be pregnant and just complain about how puffy we are. LOL

I have my 36 week ultrasound this Wed to find out our little guy's stats. Because I had a csection the first time, I have certain "rules" this time. I did finally find a dr who will let me do a vbac, but I have to go into labor on my own BEFORE my duedate (my dd is Aug 20th). If I don't have him by DD, then they do an automatic Csection. Considering that I was 1 week overdue with Preston....I wonder if I will get lucky this time and go into labor early. Who knows!

Anyway. I'm serious about getting together and just being miserable together. Except that I have a 2 year old, so we'd have to get together when Will could watch Preston so I could just relax. :)