Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Everything's Bigger in Texas!" - San Antonio Trip

So we have been long neglecting our blog (again) due to the fact that I really wanted to go back and "back-blog" about everything that has been going on, but I figure it is now or never and I need to just dive in and backblog when I get the chance!!! (I think this is why I was never good with conventional journals either,...hmm.....)

For Memorial Day weekend, we got to take a little extended vaca down to San Antonio, Texas to spend some time soaking in the sun with our Cousin's Seth & Linsey and their kids Kade & Kenzi (little shout out to them... BEST HOSTS/TOURGUIDES EVER!!!! Thanks again you guys!)

Here we are at the airport waiting for our flight to San Antonio after our crazy red-eye flight!
The first place we went to after gettting in was a little town called Fredricksburg. It's a little tourist trap with all sorts of cool little shops, antique stores and the like, (which turned out to be good because San Antonio had a crazy little spat of a Thundershower!) We found this awesome little store called Rustlin Robs Gourmet food. They had samples of everything they sold, it was pretty sweet. They had odd combinations like jalepeno peanut butter and chipotle honey mustard, but almost everything was delicious!Here is Mike sampling the goods

We also found this random store with lots of crazy hats, you know...your everyday hamburger and pizza hats...etc.
Next we went to the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden
It was really beautiful there, it was like stepping into a tropical oasis.
Our lovely hosts!
Just a glimpse of the scenery

Kenzi spent some time looking for bugs on the flowers...

While Kade just um...well, got dirty(that was kind of his theme :)

The next day we went down to Corpus Christi to go to the beach, it was awesome, a little bit of a drive, but the warm salty water and waves were a blast, Mike and I even got to work on our tans a little (that is of course after they turned tan from the burn we got!!!)

Kenzi getting buried in the sand!

Alas, the beach was too short lived as another Texan Thunderstorm rolled in!
For dinner we stopped at a seafood joint called "Snoopy's" right on the water, pretty good (Side note for Seth & Linsey: we will show you what REAL Fish n' Chips is when you come to Seattle!)

And then right next door was an ice cream parlor called..."Scoopy's!" Clever.

Kade got a little carried away with his none-other-than extremely blue ice-cream!

Yeah, that's right. It DID get up his nose!!! :)

Kenzi was slightly more careful with hers as she sipped it from the cup.
The next day, Mike and I went to Six Flags to enjoy a day full of sun, coasters, and swimming. We had so much fun! We got there right when it opened and were able to go on a ton of rides with very few lines. Needless to say, our brains felt a little scrambled by the end of the day. Afterwords, Seth and Linsey took us to a local BBQ, which was absolutely delicious!! I don't know how we did it (actually, I do, can anyone say caffeine??), but afterwords we stayed up all night playing games just like the good ol' days!
The free hanging coaster!
Mike is plotting our next thrill.
We got completely soaked on the water rafting ride (which we didn't mind, it was about 1:00 and in the high 90's!!)
On our last day in San Antonio, we went downtown to do some more sightseeing. Our first stop was the Alamo. It was beautiful and amazing to see how much it has been restored and preserved after all it has been through. We couldn't take pictures inside but they had lots of historical artifacts from the soldiers, time period, and even some personal effects owned by Davey Crockett
The courtyard of the Alamo were also wonderful filled beautiful gardens.
They also had this ginormous tree that had been transplanted back in the early 1900s, it is now so big it has to be held up with cables and poles!!
Next stop was the River Walk Boat tours. We had the best tour guide, he knew not only about all the history and architectures, but also little random facts, and all about the plant and animal life along the Rio San Antonio
Kade got a little tuckered out along the way
The tower of America from the San Antonio World's Fair, one of the many buildings we saw along the way.
For lunch, we went to an awesome local restaurant called "Chris Madrid's". It was a little hole-in-the-wall Burger/Mexican restaurant, but was not to be taken lightly....
The burgers were as big as your head (big enough for Mike to share with me) and were probably one of the best burgers we had ever had!
Check out the cheese action on this burger!!! Go, Seth, go!!!
Mike looks pretty happy about his Tostada burger and he hasn't even tasted it yet!
I couldn't help but post a couple of Texan Pride pics from our trip... :)
The Texas flag was everywhere and always HUGE!
I couldn't help but laugh at this "Texas Edition" Ford F-150 pickup truck! How stereotypical!
We even saw a house painted like their flag!!! I wanted to get a picture so bad but we were on the highway and drove by too fast.
We were so glad we went and had a lot of fun!


Loretta said...

Well that whole flag thing... you get used to it and then you think it is crazy that people from other states don't even know what their flag looks like. Let alone paint it on the side of their house. I am so glad you had fun. San Antonio is one of my favorite places in Texas.

Bri said...

Haha! Yeah, I totally underestimated Texan Pride! It really was beautiful there though! I loved it!

Sethington said...

We are so glad you guys came to visit us. Love the pics.

Elise said...

Hello, I'm leaving a comment for you because you have a great site here - I've really enjoyed reading your posts and your pictures are great !

Thanks for sharing them and have a lovely weekend

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