Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mom, Coop, and Dad come visit!

This was also a while ago, but I love some of the pictures I got! My mom, dad, and Cooper came over for some fun in the northwest. I met up with them for a day at the zoo (Mike was doing scouting stuff) and we had fun looking at all the animals. It was fun going with Cooper, until of course he got tired...did I mention I can't wait to have kids someday?

We went through the butterfly house and the only one of to have a butterfly land on them was... Kelly! In fact, it liked him so much it didn't want him to leave, the zoo attendant had to shoo it away with a feather duster before we left. He looks like they made a connection!

The smallest monkey in the world, adorable!

Cooper was too busy watching the elephant eat to look at the camera.

The hippos lazin' in the sun.

Cooper was thrilled with this orangutan! He thought it was hilarious that it was eating 5 inches away from his face.


Toni Law said...

Hi Bri, what fun that day was! I love the pics of Kelly and Cooper,thanks for sharing them with us. love ya Mom.
P.S. I must say I have produced very beautiful children. You all are very photogenic!

Mike and Briana Ethington said...

Ahhh, yes mom, well that is because we have a very photogenic you! It was a fun day though! I will have to give you copies of all those pictures, there were a lot!